5 Ways To Manage CoronaVirus Anxiety

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I think that we can all agree that Covid-19 has shattered our perception of safety and stability. Being confined in a quarantine and being encouraged to practice social distancing has contributed to a shift in our day to day habits and has encouraged new fears to arise as a result. 

Some of us are worried about paying the bills or keeping our businesses alive, some of us are struck with fear of the possibility of death or of losing a loved one to the virus and still some of us feel isolated and don’t know what to do with the time given to us (contributing to our unsteadiness). No matter what age we are, we are all on some level impacted by this event. 

The feeling of anxiety, therefore, is normal and expected.

Anxiety is a natural response to the event of the unknown. It’s designed to let us know that we should prepare ourselves for an upcoming event that can potentially hurt us or cause us harm. Experiencing a manageable dosage of anxiety can be helpful in taking precautionary actions however TOO MUCH anxiety can have an adverse effect. 

Here are five ways that we can keep our anxiety at bay during the CoronaVirus.

  1. Practice Breath-Work

    Breath-work in a general term is a type of therapy that utilizes breathing exercises to improve mental, physical and spiritual health. When we are caught in a state of anxiety or panic our limbic system (our survival brain) hijacks our ability to make rational decisions. It generates exaggerated worst-case scenarios, reduces our ability to empathize with others, and makes us fall into a trap of overgeneralization. In all, we make very irrational conclusions about what is and is not safe for us. To jump out of this hijack, we can use the mindfulness exercise of focused breathing to place our attention on what is actually real versus being caught up in an emotion.

  2. Limit Your Media Intake

    Stay informed but don’t overdo it. Taking precautions of the CoronaVirus and understanding government and health guidelines is important but limit your intake of it. You don’t NEED TO HAVE the TV on at all costs, you don’t NEED TO know about each new case and it’s severity!!! Know how you can prevent it and that’s really all you need to know.

    List to Prevent CoronaVirus
    -wash hands properly for 20 seconds with soap or hand sanitizer
    -avoid touching your face, mouth or nose
    -disinfect phones or exposed counters or items
    -avoid public places (ideally STAY HOME; LIMIT your trips to the grocery store)
    -keep 6 feet apart when in public

  3. Keep Yourself Busy!!!

    Anxiety manifests when we feed it. With so much FREE TIME on our hands our minds cannot help but wander into the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘who knows’. It’ll have you repeating the worst case scenarios like your life depended on it. During quarantine take some time to practice self care and to learn a new skill that could benefit you in the long run. Look into cooking a healthy meal, try out yoga, read a book, improve your ability to manage your emotions by taking our EQ for Beginners Course. GET BUSY, get CREATIVE, GLOW UP BY GROWING! Now is the time to do so.

  4. Keep In Social Contact

    During social distancing, keeping social contact is important. It can be a lonely time for many of us. FaceTime a friend, your romantic partner (if you don’t live together) or a family member. Catch up.

    Humans aren’t meant to be isolated – we need connection. Just make sure that that connection enhances your well-being; toxic encounters shouldn’t be welcomed.

  5. Have a Plan

    It’s hard to predict what the days ahead of us look like, but preparing for self-isolation is advisable. Make sure to have up to 2 weeks of supplies in case quarantining oneself is necessary. This includes food, household products, prescription medications, over the counter medications and supplements. Don’t forget about your mental health; if your self care routine includes art, exercise or yoga make sure you have the supplies or equipment needed. 

As of the moment, Covid-19 is here to stay. We need to take precautions and take it one day at a time. Control only what we can control and make the best of the situation.

Comment down below how you manage your anxiety amidst the CoronaVirus outbreak…

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