When logic and emotions connect together magic happens. We make better decisions, we feel more aligned with who we are and we cultivate greater relationships.

Emotions can be complex. We all struggle with them, sometimes. Emotions come in many different shades ranging from anger to sadness to joy where they either play a role in teaching us a lesson or they lead us down a self destructive rabbit hole.

How we manage our emotions is based on our awareness of how they impact our mind, body and behaviours. This knowledge of self is known as emotional intelligence.

What You Will Get Out Of This Course

  • Provide you with the tools to discover your inner self
  • Enable you to spot you’re limiting beliefs – helping you transpire to your greatness
  • Understand social situations with ease
  • Helps you manage your thoughts and emotions more mindfully and with compassion 
  • Disarm your inner critic during a hijack
  • Build stronger relationships with the people you care about

Working on my relationship with my boyfriend but I just wanted to say how much your videos have helped me and I just wanted to thank you for putting out this content.


Thank you so much!! You are changing lives.


Is there a single TikTok she makes that I don’t add to my favourites for later? Nope, not a one.