Card Deck

CAUTION: Deep Connections May Develop.

Introducing The
‘Intimacy Deck by YouTheCEO.’

When we think of the word intimacy we often associate it with sex. Intimacy, however, goes beyond the physical dimension and emcompasses getting to know someone on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. This involves discovering each others’ hopes, dreams, fears, joys, opinions, preferences and values. A true meaningful connection happens when we start having conversations that matter to us. 

Packed with 50 conversation starters, the Intimacy Deck by YouTheCEO will help you deepen your relationship with your partner. 

The prerequisite? Come in curious, open minded and willing to be a little vulnerable.

How does the card game work? Pick up a card, read the intimacy question and see where the conversation takes you. The deck will also include an OATH CARD helping establish rules and guidelines for the conversations to be had.

Whether you’re in a new relationship or looking to rekindle an old relationship this card game is a perfect way to deepen your connection.



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Intimacy Deck Pre-Order Launch

Inspired from the TikTok Intimacy Questions videos summoning over 5 million views!

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