Welcome to YouTheCEO! If you’ve reached this domain, you must be a highly motivated, success driven and ambitious human being. So already, congratulations for being awesome!!

In this channel, I study, apply, and teach – effective habits, the hacks to intense productivity and how to strategically brand yourself to help you achieve financial/ social/ personal success. This content is directed to my fellow millennial peers; to grad students, to young entrepreneurs, and to those that want to be fulfilled in all aspects of life.

The question comes down to, why I am I doing this? And what does a 19 year old have to teach me? Great question.

To be honest with you, I’m doing this for myself. Yes, that’s right, selfish reasons.

Formal schooling has taught me a great deal of subject-related knowledge, however it failed to teach me some of the most fundamental and crucial success principles that would predict whether an individual like myself could survive and prosper in the competitive world that we live in. My intense desire to learn more on the subjects of habit development, productivity, and personal branding  lead me to start this venture. And hey, I love content and love to teach- so why not help a few other individuals along the way.

Here on this channel, I hope to give you a taste at what great business gurus (Napoleon Hill, Richard Branson), personal branding experts, and psychologists have to say. Through case studies, informative tutorials and plentiful entertaining stories I’ll teach you how to get the job you want, change your groggy attitude to an invigorating one, or will help you to increase your productivity by at least 3x. How about it? This is the knowledge you’ve been craving for- and something you just can’t get them from school.

As to my credibility… I’ve read over 96 books on this topic, taken 3 psychology courses and taken 2 business courses over the last 4 years. Not bad.

So you want to be successful? You want to have a stellar/ unforgettable personal brand? You want to get 3x more productive with your work or finally adapt habits that are healthy? Come along on this journey with me by subscribing here today; future you will thank you.