About The Founder

Hey, my name is Alina.

I am a coach + teacher

My passion is to educate and inspire people through emotional intelligence education.

In a world that teaches us that we’re not enough as we are my mission is to provide the tools to enable people to feel at peace with who they are and their journey. My mission, however, doesn’t end there, it also encompasses providing the tools to help individuals rise towards personal greatness.

Alina Lepak
Alina Lepak

I grew up in Toronto, Canada and have struggled with anxiety and depression since childhood. Feeling very boxed up in the toxic environment I was in, after high school, I had become determined to deal with my circumstance and stumbled into the ocean of personal development. From that time I have read over 100 books on personal development ranging from emotional intelligence to communication to CBT, have taken 3 extensive courses in emotional intelligence and have been working towards an NLP certification.

Everything I teach is based on scientific findings and on what has helped me and my clients rise above personal limitations having a strong emphasis on self-awareness, self-acceptance and communication.

On YouTube I have had acquired over 130 000 views in the hit series, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens,” by Sean Covey and have grown my following on Instagram from 0-22K followers in 9 months.